Actually what we call vocal cords located in our throat is a muscle layer that is not as thin as a cord of which is covered by mucous and can execute comfortably when it is wet and is originated from a potential space between this muscle layer and mucous.

Vocal cords make a sound by beating-touching each other. Many muscles labor in our throat. By the movement of our head front and back, our throat changes front and back radius therefore we can make so many sounds and sing songs.  A person with educated throat can make sounds up to 3 octaves easily.

When vocal cords beat or touch each other little bleedings comes out of the mucous layer and these little bleedings mostly destroyed by body’s melting system.  If the vocal cords trauma is insistent long lasting and severe (crying of infants and kids, teachers, singers and salesmen are examples) this congestion accumulate between muscle and mucous layer of the vocal cord and it dries and harden. This formation is called vocal cord nodule – polyp. This condition is common in the people who work by using their voice. It is also frequently seen in infants and kids. It is totally a well-tempered development and seen mostly on the vocal cords’ most strained 1/3 front-rear junction point.

Treatment for little nodules is to avoid shouting and speaking in loud voice and therefore without creating a new trauma waiting the body try to clean this accumulation.

If the nodule has reached to a certain size and hardness we reach the vocal cords via mouth pathway, and from outside without any cut under a microscope we do the microsurgery and with this surgery vocal cord nodules are removed and dramatically patient’s voice immediately comes to normal.

After operation, speaking therapy program could be applied for a period of time which shows the patient how to speak out without wearing out the vocal cords.