In this occasion the secretion in the nose is increased. – There are 3 types;

Allergic Cold – Organism’s reaction against home dust mites and pollens

Vasomotor – There is always a factor that start vasomotor; like temperature change, eating-coming inside from outside.

Infectious – It is an upper respiratory sickness formed by a lot of viruses.  In general it is seen by nasal and nose discharge. In much of the cases no fever or weakness is detected.


Influenza is transmitted by A and B viruses via air, it settles in the nose caves and nasals.  In one –two days it reproduces and by sneezing and coughing it can be transmitted to other people.  It a serious sickness that in certain periods of time on broad geographies become epidemic, and especially when the immune system is weak it can cause deaths. Fever, joint and muscle pains, extreme weakness observed in patients.  Body becomes fatigued with the flu.