At the very rear end of our nose area– where nose joins pharynx if a tumor is settled into it is called nasopharyngeal cancer.  In contrast to other head – neck tumors it is less related to smoking and alcohol.  It is commonly realized bimodal in two age group that is 15-25 and 60-70.  It is more aggressive on young patients. Causes other than smoking could be identified as genetics, dietary habits, chemicals and virus infections. In most patients Epstein virus (it is a virus seen in childhood so called buss disease which cruises through adenoids) antibody are positive.

A pain free bulk on the neck is the most common complaint. Apart from that the complaints regarding the Eustachian tube entrance goes in the ear blocked by tumor; Ear pain, one sided hearing loss, nose jam, head ache and halitosis. Especially in adult age one sided otitis media must be certainly investigated with regards to nasopharyngeal tumor

With a small piece of lymph from the back of the nose which is called nasopharynx and on the neck a diagnosis is established.

Preferred treatment is radiotherapy.