It is a pair of symmetric joints that connects our jawbone to our skull and it is embraced with very strong muscles and drives our jawbone like a swing.

It come into existence by the reasons such as Missing tooth, depth of fill, traumas, teeth grinding in the night, Psychological illnesses, upper and lower jaw teeth of not closing all the way, arthritis.

Patient apply with the complaints of strong head and face pain, ringing in the ears, click sound while opening and closing the mouth,  not opening the jaw completely, chewing painfully.

For diagnosis a simple examination is enough. If we open and close our mouth while inserting our little finger inside the ear canal we can touch this joint. Sometimes MR test is required in order to look at jaw joint’s internal structure.

Mostly, medications such as relaxant and pain reliever is given to the patient. Also resting (limiting starchy food) of the jaw joint is recommended. These would be enough for treatment.

In some cases night guard, psychologically relaxing medications and surgical operation might be required.