Special Cocktails consisting of effective substances like Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, coenzymes, antioxidant, hyaluronic acid, salmon DNA, DMAE are prepared to the needs of the tissue.  Mesotheraphy is a method of injecting very small amount under the desired skin area instead of giving all those substances directly to the body.

Mesotheraphy solutions generally adjust blood circulation, ensure cell metabolism to start working, ensure fused fats in the cells to discharge via circulatory system. Amino acids and vitamins strengthens cell structure, enhance protein synthesis while salmon DNA and DMAE increases collagen production. By that way tissue gets younger, become tighten due to solutions effect, by lifting impact it becomes younger, healthy and natural.

In our clinic, especially formulized solutions are used in mesotheraphy applications in order to renew and hygienize damaged tissues in face, head and neck areas because of genetics or environmental factors. This treatment is called Mesolifting.

Patient who gets ready in our clinic for mesotheraphy treatment, first receives skin cleansing then narcotizing by cream after that solutions are injected by small needles under the skin. This operation is repeated 4-6 times with 10 days of intervals.

Botox which is injected with very small and painless needles after narcotizing the skin does not harm tissues and its effect starts in the first week – continued 6 months and disappear.