The control point under the throat, before the gullet, and over the lungs is called throat.

At this point there is a section containing vocal cords guarded by bone structures. And over this section there is a complex formation like a tennis racket called epiglottis, that when food and water comes in down the throat it covers vocal cords and sends the food and water to gullet and when air comes in it opens and takes in air and send through the lungs.

Throat tumors mostly seen in men who are in 50’s of age. Foremost reason is smoking. Apart from smoking genetics, heartburn and chronical laryngitis are the predisposing factors.

Frequent complaint of the patient is the hoarseness. Bad breath, striking pain in ear, need to clean throat, bloody mucus, jam in feeling in the throat and coughing is other symptoms.

With the ENT examination throat is viewed and if there is a suspicion a biopsy piece just like a sesame grain is taken and diagnosis is made. Early diagnosis is very important for the treatment. Throat cancer treatment is primarily involve surgery.  According to the prevalence of the disease, age of the patient and the place of the tumor on the throat first of all throat preventive surgeries is considered but in other not possible occasions extensive surgeries are considered. For some special cases radio therapy treatment might also be proposed.