Underneath of our skin which is our body cover inside greasy and muscled areas there is a structure that is part of our defense system which is called lymphatic system.  These lymphatic structures mostly localized in our neck area (%50) then in our groin and armpit.  Broadly speaking it is a protective system in the occasion where in our body a disease is formed (infections, tumors etc.)  filter the sickly blood by swelling sacrifice themselves and avoid this blood to reach other places in the body.

It is very common especially in childhood ages. Source is generally the ENT infections. It is a frequently faced disease caused by Epstein Barr virus that progress by adenoids in neck and is called infectious mononucleosis known as ‘kiss disease’ among public.

First of all a complete ENT examination should be performed in lymph node patients.

Then, external infections that might produce adenoids such as tooth infections, mouth-tongue-pharynx-tonsillar infections, sinus-nose and adenoids are investigated.

The most common reason for adenoids is the infections. In rare cases patients should be examined due to certain head-neck tumors and certain lymphoma types because in these occasions first symptom is the adenoids. As a routine blood test and neck ultrasound is executed.

Generally speaking if the lymph node number is high, if it gives pain, in ultrasound view if it is look like an egg shape, if it creates a straight border between neighboring tissues and if the internal structure is homogenous than it is that much good natured.

Usually, lymph nodes are removed by medical treatment. In rare cases thin needle biopsy or open biopsy is required.