Bademcikte Taş

It is the name of set of lymphoid tissues (self-defense system) in our throat. They are found in 4 groups in the entry of our throat. They are found in 4 different locations but the most known one in public is palate tonsil.

Lymphoid tissues known as adenoids among public but in reality it is a nasal tonsil.

Other than palate and nasal tonsils there is lymphoid tissues in the root of the tongue.

These lymphoid tissues set a circle in the entry of the throat just like the guardhouse soldiers who are lined at the castle gate in certain way and form in order to protect the castle from enemies.

Also in some parts of the digestion system, spleen, and bone marrow and also in other parts of the body located adenoids where lymphoid tissues which do the same task. We call all these lymph system in charge of self-defense. This lymphoid tissue which is said to be tonsil and adenoid especially in the very beginning of a human life the one and the only self-defense system. Especially after 2 years of age it starts to lose its effectiveness and consequently decreases to a minimum level in the age of 7. So, this task moves to lymphoid tissues in other parts of the body after 2 years old.

When a tonsil becomes infected we call it tonsillitis and it is the infection of tonsil tissue because of microbic origins. It is mostly seen in childhood and in case of infection medical treatment is offered. Dressings made on tonsils have very important role in healing and also to reduce the fever.  This lymphoid tissue may extremely expand according to the genetics features and frequency of infections faced.

These extremely expanded tonsils which closes the respiratory tract leads to snoring, sleeping disorder and dietary difficulty and they are treated by a surgery. Our task is to open respiratory tract and dietary path. Even the tonsils are not too big but having infection frequently (5 times a year) again they have to have surgery.  Our task is to get rid of the patient’s infection source. If we think that every infection continues for one week(some strong microbes’ infection even last about 10 days disturbing the patient), 5 week in a year or so to say more than 1 month in a year we eliminate fever, dietary difficulty, state of  continues medical treatment at home, and education and work loss.