In %90 of the society medicine required headaches perceived, and in %10 of the society headaches interrupt the continuation of daily life. There are 300 headache types are defined and in order to understand the reason behind an exceptional algorithm had to be pursued. Well accepted classification is the one practiced by International Headache Association.  Main topics are as below;

Primer Headaches –


2-Tension-type headaches

3-Cluster Headache

4-Environmental and activity related headaches – Hot, cold, coughing etc.

Secondary Headaches –

1-Head Trauma related headaches

2-Thromboembolism, glomerulus and vasculitis related headaches

3-Tumors inside the head and pressure upscale related headaches

4-Substance use and deprival related head aches

5-Head aches seen during body infections

6-Head aches related to metabolic diseases

7- Organs such as Skull bones, neck, eyes, Sinuses, teeth related headaches

8-Neuralgic- Trigeminal temper neuralgic is often detected

9- Unclassified headaches

As it is shown in this table, headache is an extremely complex complaint therefore the reason behind it should be investigated and treatment should be done accordingly.

Patient should well explain the characteristic of the pain.  Together with a total ENT examination and tests cause of the headache is diagnosed and treatment is planned accordingly.