Sleeping is the most natural way of resting for everybody. Quality and enough sleeping is very important in order to modify our muscles, brain and hormones. Sleep need of a man depends on the person however sleeping comprehends 1/3 of our lifespan.

Sleep has 2 phases which are called REM and Non-REM periods. These 2 sleep phases differ according to the person’s age and physiology and on an average of 4-5 times continuing loop in one night. In a normal sleep, which means that in these 2 phases he who sleeps in a healthy and enough intervals all body muscles are rested, brain is refreshed and hormones are leveled and become ready for the next day.

For the body, required levels of Adrenaline, cortisol, serotonin, melatonin, growth hormones and regenerating hormones which are vital for life all adjusted during sleep.

Sleep apnea arises from respiratory pauses and it is a very sneaky and dangerous disease which disrupts sleep order and physiology. At the time of sleep pauses blood oxygen level degrades and carbon dioxide level advances. As a result, with the sleep disorder, resting of the body, relaxing of the body and achieving hormonal balance becomes impossible. Sleep Apnea might arise because of a problem in the nerve system or a congestion in the respiratory tract.

It advances in a sneaky way with the Symptoms like Sleeping in a loud manner(snoring), exhaustion, excessive temper, lack of concentration, headaches in the morning, depression, out of control weight gaining, and if it is not treated it advances and results in a hypertension, heart and vein diseases. Which means it is a very serious sickness that might risk the life of a man. In general the patient cannot realize the sickness on the time because of these changes happens in many factors and in slow advancing phase. Mostly, abnormal conditions during sleep realized by the close ones and brought to us (snoring, irregular respiration during sleep and breath stoppage).

If a person has snoring and irregular sleep, hypertension, getting up tired in the mornings as if not slept and difficulty in waking up, extreme sweating, exhaustion and midday naps, sexual reluctance, excessive weight gaining, depression, temper he has to be certainly examined whether there is sleep apnea or not.

If a patient is examined because of a sleep apnea suspicion, prior step should be a detailed ENT examination.

Cartilage and bone curvatures in the nose, concha, allergic rhinitis and chronical sinusitis diseases, nasal area cyst and infections blocks enough air input.

Soft palate prolapses, tongue root stout, tonsil sizes, loose pharynx tissue, decrease and looseness in the cover of larynx, and also orthodontic failure such as jaw structure located in the back and development disorder of the head structure; they block enough air input either through the nose and mouth and must be examined and investigated one by one.

For a definitive diagnosis in sleep apnea, so called respiratory polysomnography, sleep test is needed.   With this test patient’s respiratory and body movements, blood oxygen level, heart rhythm and EKG values are recorded and a report is created by objectively evaluating the sleep disorder effects on the body and the treatment is planned according to test results and examination evidences.

After treatment patient’s daily activities returns to normal. Symptoms like exhaustion and dizziness disappear, weights become normal, tension becomes normal. They turn to be a more vivid and dynamic and mentally relaxed person.

Wish you healthy days.