Burun Kanaması

Inside of our nose and sinuses there is a mucous layer which entirely covers. Inside of this mucous layer there are many network structured blood vessels. Outer temperature, humidity, allergen load, hormonal and physiologic conditions and infections & inflammations inside the nose effects blood vessels.  These blood vessels reacts these changes accordingly by swelling or shrinking (by filling with or discharging the blood).

For any reason that one of these blood vessels shall torn and bleed, it causes a crust formation.

These formed crusts damage the mucous more and lead to more bleeding.  Common bleeding reasons that we face in the clinic are inner nose allergies and infections. During allergy and infection periods inside the nose chemical structure is changed and a harming liquid is formed. On the other side, patients contribute to bleeding by cleaning or wiping the nose more in these allergic and infectious periods.

In these occasions both the starter of this pathology or infections are targeted by medical treatment and specially produced gels are used in order to prevent nose mucous damage. By this way nose bleeding is treated. NO NEED to burn nose vessels.

In rare occasions, in hypertension patients, as a result of scaling blood pressure in the veins, when extreme blood thinner is used or where there is inner nose tumor lesions we see nose bleedings.

Again the motives are destroyed. In some special cases these bleeding veins are better to be burned (cauterized).