It is a swallowing inflammation. There are 2 forms which are acute and chronical. In acute pharyngitis the reason is generally microbic. Fever, weakness and swallowing difficulty is the symptoms. Because the swallowing area robust and nervous network system is well sophisticated infections in this location reach to other parts of the body very fast. Infections in this location should be treated in a rapid way.

In chronical pharyngitis it is generally an irritation what we call inflammation.

This irritation is described in 3 main topics.

1- Living conditions and habits such as smoking, eating spicy and hot & cold and hot, poor water consumption, being in a conversational occupational group effects our throat flora (beneficial bacterial group located here)

 2-Heartburn (Pyrosis) — we all have physiologically some amount stomach acid reaching upward in our mouth. When we eat outside or eat late we might feel the stomach acid moving inwards our mouth. But who has genetic susceptibility (Heartburn is commonly seen in A Rh+ blood type),drinks tea, coffee, coke, and eats sauced foods, stay hungry long periods of time, and eats late and go to sleep acid movements through throat increases and thus flesh layer on pharynx which is not used to acids becomes irritated

3-Normally when breathing in using our nose is healthier. Especially when doing sports or in an air polluted conditions the importance of nose breathing stands out. When we breath in through the nose air passing through nose via concha and inside the sinuses warms up, humidifies, clean up from the microbes and dust and brings up to a level that our body can use. Whether we live on poles, or in desserts whatever the outside conditions are a nose with normal functions achieve this task successfully and offers our body the best quality air. Thus if there is a functional problem in the nose (nose curvature, allergies, sinusitis, concha etc.) then because we cannot breath through our nose we breath in through our mouth and this exhaust and irritate our throat.

So to say, in chronical pharyngitis what we see is the visible part of the iceberg. A definite treatment can only be achieved by only finding out reasons of the disease. In treatment antibiotics is needed only when there is a condition of acute infection attack. Basics of the treatment is to destroy the reasons which causes the disease.