In our skull, over our eyes, inside the walls of our both eyes, below our eyes, inside our cheeks, behind the eyes, inside the brain there are many spaces just like caves that are called sinus which have to be filled with air. Inside of these caves are layered with epithelium mucous which is just like a sheet on a bed.

All of these caves discharge some amount during the day which keep these caves clean after the wash out.

After every upper respiratory tract infection (flu, cold) the mucous covered the sinuses become inflamed and secrete some quantity.  In a normal healthy sinus system all sinuses with small channels flow through the nose chamber.  This system is similar to a bunch of grapes.  Just like the grape berries connected to a main branch via a smaller ones then from this point connecting to a vine tree, sinuses also connect to each other via small channels then flow through the nose chamber.

All these sinuses where they flow through nose chamber we call this point Osteomeatal Complex.  If this area is closed, in other words if the sinuses cannot flow through the nose chamber we call this occasion chronic sinusitis.

Chronic sinusitis is treated by surgery, acute sinusitis could be treated by medical treatments.


FESS (Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery)

It is a surgical procedure of which the patient returns to her/his normal life the day after the operation.  In this surgical procedure a camera system named telescope is connected to a light system, without any cut to the nose, reaches to sinuses through nose chambers, polyp mucous swellings and bone valves that block the mouth of sinus lids is opened and led the sinuses flow through nose chamber.  It is provided under general anesthesia with minimal invasive technique and is interfered only to the problematic points and patient is released the same day of the operation.  And no cushion is used.

BALLOON SINUSOPLASTY (The ultimate technology in sinusitis surgery)

In this surgical procedure a camera system named telescope is connected to a light system without any cut to the nose reaches to sinuses through nose chambers, and a balloon catheter system is located on the spots where the sinuses flow out to nose chambers then sinus channels are widened by inflating with certain pressure and sinuses flow out is increased and inside the sinuses are washed out.  It is performed under general anesthesia and especially used in childhood sinusitis.