Ultimate Technology in Nonsurgical Esthetics Applications

Our understanding of daily living is started moving towards what is purely natural and organics. Organic nutrition later on gave way to organic rejuvenation, staying juvenile and therefore antiaging operations. Unfortunately because of cell’s time we cannot keep our youth stable. Therefore, the more we keep the renewable number of cells active the late we get older or get older in a lovely way.

Latest is the Satin Face-lifting

This operation is nonsurgical made by BTL Protege Elite and BTL Exilis Elite systems. In our clinic we have BTL Protege Elite machine which we can work with face and neck.

If it is needed to mention about the technology, actually it is the developed and merged version of Ultrasound & Radiofrequency which has been used over 30 years with trust. At present, in the world there is no other system that uses these two technologies simultaneously for anti-aging purposes. In BTL Protege Elite system ultrasound and radiofrequency’s all side effects are disposed of and only mechanism of action and succeeded parts are merged.

What is Satin Face-lifting?

It is the name of the antiaging and rejuvenation operation which we execute by BTL Protege Elite machine. With this operation two different energies is transmitted each and every tissue underneath the skin, afterwards skin renews itself and as a consequence organic rejuvenation is provided. It is called organic rejuvenation because the machine only alerts your tissues. What makes you younger is your own cells and skin.  Reason of forming a skin like a satin lies here.

To whom it is applicable?

Satin Face-lifting operation could be applied to persons who have loss in skin flexibility and uncomfortable of this situation or persons who does not want to lose his skin flexibility and want to take precaution.

What does the patient feel during operation?

What is felt during application is a feeling like a warm spa stone is cruising over the skin.  During the application ache or pain is not felt.  Just like that after the application there is no recovery or waiting period experienced. People even at lunch break come in for an application and continue their work afterwards. There is nothing to limit person’s daily life.

How long its effect continues?

As the skin underneath tissue is different in everybody, result also vary from person to person.  But this operation does not have certain life like a Botox or filling. Person’s newly formed collagen quantity would show how long the person would stay younger, the one who would have the application.  After the application skin which become younger on average 1-1.5 years keeps the collagen increase above normal.  After one year person’s face does not return to initial state, continues to get older from rejuvenated age.

Word about the operation

Application is performed once a week and 4 sessions in total. Application sessions do not vary from person to person because at the end of 4 sessions maximum collagen synthesis is achieved. Depending on the person’s age and skin application could be performed as one session after 6 months or again 4 sessions after one year.

In our country satisfaction rate is around %98 in Satin Face-lifting Operation which is performed by in company with Op.Dr. Yalçın Özsoy in our clinic.

If you desire to wake up every new day fresher, alive and healthier skin…