Inside the blood circulating in our veins there are various types of cells which have different tasks. One of these cells is Thrombocytes (Platelets) and in its structural composition compared to other body cells it consists much more growth factors (PDGF, TGF, VEGF etc.) which alert and repair damaged tissues.

Blood drawn from veins is eluted by using special machines and featured platelets cells are selected from damaged tissues and to be used to repair and renew itself. And this process is called Platelets Rich Plasma treatment (Prp). Provided valuable liquid after cleaning and narcotizing with cream, injected with very small needles to the patient.  It is applied Depending on the patient’s request and the need of the damaged tissue on average with 7-10 days intervals in 4 sessions. Alerted, old and worn out tissue starts to renew itself.  By this way patient attain fresher, vivid and healthy skin.