Burun Eğriliği

Our nose is an organ in the middle of our face. Actually, it is divided into two equal parts which are right and left halves with the sinuses connected to it, the Eustachian tube, and nasals. The wall which separates right and left side is called nasal septum. Nasal septum consists of 2 fractions. One of them is the cartilage on the end edge of the nose and the other is the bone behind the nose.  Face and head traumas faced during childhood, excessive growth of the cartilage, mouth peak under  gets higher and bigger like a dome (it is prevailed in the infants who cannot breath through their nose especially because of the allergic sinusitis and bigger adenoids in the ages of 1-2) and when it collapses the nose chambers, the nose wall cartilage either warps to the right or left and closes respiratory tract. This pathology is named NASAL SEPTUM DEVIATION.  This occasion effects the health of sinuses and nasals in a very negative way. Fixing it is a must.